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 Haydon Kerk Video's
 Brushless Motor IDEA Drive Setup
 Watch Haydon Kerk demonstrate how to set up the Brushless Motor IDEA Drive
Haydon Kerk IDEA Drive - Stepper Motor Linear Actuator Technology
Built for long life (several million cycles) & superior performance, Haydon Kerk's stepper motor linear actuators feature engineering thermoplastics ensuring quiet and maintenance free operations.
Haydon Kerk IDEA Drive - Introduction to IDEA Drive
This video introduces the user to the IDEA drive graphical user interface. The video covers part number entry, drive run modes, and various real-time commands which can be performed. A demonstration gives the user a quick insight on how easy it is to setup and run a stepper motor. Various move profile parameters are altered in real-time mode to show the user how a stepper motor behaves with ramping and micro-stepping. 
Haydon Kerk IDEA Drive - Closed Loop IDEA Drive
This video introduces users to a closed loop system using our IDEA drive and stepper motor. The video covers our 2 closed loop features on the IDEA drive: stall compensation and position verification: A demonstration shows the user the difference between open-loop and closed-loop configurations and depicts both of the closed loop features. 
Haydon Kerk IDEA Drive - Stepper Motor Programmable Controller
The IDEA Drive is a fully programmable control unit that uses an intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI).  The IDEA Drive technology is available in several different configurations including an external programmable drive and controller, or integrated with a linear actuator to form a complete package of motor, actuator, controller, and drive.  Communication protocols are available in either USB or RS-485.
Haydon Kerk BGS Linear Rail System
The BGS Linear Rail system combines many technologies into a single integrated linear motion platform.  The system provides excellent load capability and is engineered for both normal loads and moment loads.  High roll, pitch, and yaw moment load capability allows the linear rail to maintain tight accuracy and repeatability even with significant cantilevered loading.  Depending on the rail series, maximum stroke length available is 760 mm (30 in) and static load rating up to 1000 N (225 lbf).  Dynamic load capability is a function of the frame size, motor rating, and required motion profile. 
Haydon Kerk 43000 Series Size 17 Stepper Motor Linear Actuator
The 43000 Series size 17 linear actuators are Haydon Kerk's best selling framesize. Single stack and double stack stepper motors are available.  The linear actuators come in 3 mechanical configurations - Captive, Non-Captive, and External Linear.  Linear force range of the size 17 is 50 N to 337 N (11 lbf to 76 lbf).
 Certifications & Declarations
 ISO/AS9100 Certificate - Haydon Products Division
 ISO Certificate - Kerk Products Division
 ISO Certificate - Haydon Linear Motors - China
 REACH Declaration - Haydon Products Division
 REACH Declaration - Kerk Products Division
 REACH Declaration - Haydon Linear Motors - China
 RoHS Declaration - Haydon Products Division
 RoHS Declaration - Kerk Products Division
 RoHS Declaration - Haydon Linear Motors - China
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