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Kerk RGS Linear Rail Systems - Exceptional linear speed, accurate positioning, and compact.  The RGS Linear Slide is not limited by critical screw speed allowing high linear speed, even with long spans.The Kerk® RGS® Rapid Guide Screw is a screw-driven linear rail that offers exceptional linear speed, accurate positioning, and long life in a compact, value-priced assembly. The length and speed of the RGS linear rail is not limited by critical screw speed, allowing high RPM and linear speeds, even over long spans.

Standard leads include .100-in, .200-in, .500-in and 1.00-in (2.54, 5.08, 12.7 and 25.4 mm) travel per revolution. Many optional leads, both inch and metric based, offer everything from high efficiency to non-backdriving leads for vertical applications, eliminating the need for brakes. With Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions™ wide range of available leads, speeds of more than 60 inches per second (1.5 meters per second) are possible, rivaling belts and cables while offering superior positioning accuracy, repeatability and axial stiffness.

The Kerk RGS linear rail includes a precision aluminum guide and carriage and is driven by a precision rolled stainless steel acme lead screw. The moving surfaces include Kerkite® high performance polymers running on Kerkote® TFE coating.

The Kerk RGS linear rail has a unique, compact profile that provides exceptional torsional stiffness and stability for its size and weight. The integral mounting base allows support over the entire length if desired. Lengths up to 8 feet (2.4 meters) can readily be built, and longer lengths are possible on a special order basis.

RGS linear rails come standard with a wear-compensating, anti-backlash driven carriage. Additional driven or passive carriages can be added, along with application specific customization. Linear guides, without the drive screw, are also available.


Linear Rail Systems - Haydon LRS Series -  uses a precision lead screw assembly mechanism to provide controlled positioning along a robust aluminum linear slide.  Available non-motorized or motorized using various motor options.Haydon™ LRS™ Linear Rail Systems use a precision lead screw assembly mechanism to provide controlled positioning along the axis of a robust aluminum linear slide. The LRS consists of a stationary base with a load bearing carriage that travels along a custom extruded aluminum rail of varying lengths. The carriage is a small platform with sliding element linear bearings that glide within this specially configured extrusion. The lead screw used in the system is provided with various leads and shaft end configurations that accommodate virtually any source of rotary power.