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Kerk Linear Rails and Linear Slides Linear Slides and Rails - Non-motorized and custom motorized linear rail slide systems for precision positioning. Includes the Kerk® RGS, RGW and WGS series and the Haydon LRS Series
Motorized Linear Rail Systems Motorized RGS® Linear Rail Systems - Excellent positioning systems.  Lightweight aluminum rails are coated with Kerkote® TFE coating and support a 303 stainless steel precision leadscrew. A single stack or double stack stepper motor completes the system and is avialable with or without an integrated programmable drive package.
BGS Motorized Linear Rail Systems

BGS™ Motorized Linear Rail Systems  - Linear positioning system with excellent roll, pitch, and yaw characteristics. Lightweight aluminum rails built on a ball guide platform for exceptional stiffness. Load range from 100N (23 lbs) to 1000N (225 lbs). 

Kerk ScrewRail Linear Actuators ScrewRail® Linear Actuators - The patented Kerk® ScrewRail® combines both drive and support/guidance functions in a single, coaxial component leading to simplified integration of a linear motion system.
Kerk Linear Splines and Linear Guides Splines and Linear Guides  - Kerk® Splines and Linear Guides deliver enhanced system stability, low friction and long life for a variety of linear motion applications.